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Whether you need a simple comforting massage, or you require deep tissue work and massage therapy, our massage therapists will ensure that you leave feeling more comfortable than when you arrive. When you are receiving a relaxing treatment, this is always complemented by relaxing music.

Massage Therapists

You can be sure that our massage therapists will listen to your cues. All of our staff members are trained to react quickly and to adjust massage to your exact needs.

Comforting Massages

Soothing Environments

Ask for music to be played during your massage, or for aromatherapy to be used. Whatever your needs, we'll find a way to make you feel right at home at Panache.

Want to book a longer session with Panache? Book our beauty treatments at the same time, or add in hair removal. We can craft a unique package for you.

Pair Hair Removal Services with Massage

Book an Appointment for Soothing Care With Panache!

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